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SugarComa [01 Nov 2003|10:36am]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | Kidney Thieves-Serene Dream ]

Finally, I finished editing this thing. I had to give up my deadjournal, due to people tracking me down. Its unbelievable that these people are sorry enough to spend all of their time trying to find my journals, just to find out if I still go out with josh, or if Im still seeing Frank. Its unbelievable. If that whore finds this journal, I wont be as nice as I was the last time.Anyway...
Yesterday I went out with Josh, we went back to the tent, again. Someone stole our last one, that really pissed me off. Oh well, we needed a new one anyway, and my mother found out where the last one was when I ran away to Franks. Josh showed her, I dont blame him, he thought I was cheating on him with Tiffany back there.Anyway, our new one is bigger, and not quite as bright as the last one. My mom knows that we go back there now, and she knows what we do, she doesnt really care though. She likes Josh alot and Im on the pill, so I guess its not that big of a deal. Were going to get engaged sometime before Christmas, he already told me, he cant keep any secrets, he had to fit me for the ring anyway, so I guess I would have found out either way.
Lisas renting movies and ordering pizzas for me and Josh today, so I guess we dont need to freeze our asses off in that tent.Its not like wed be able to do anything anyway, Im still sore from yesterday.Anyway, I have to go get a shower so I can go rent the movies. I probably wont post again until tomorrow.

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